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On the hills of La Boubée, the vines stretch in long furrowed lines from north to south to catch the maximum light and to ensure healthy growth. The density of planting, 4000 vines per hectare, allows the greatest concentration of flavours. The vines are trained along staked wires and pruned using the Guyot method; the vine-stock is between one and sixty years old. Our Armagnac comes from our oldest vines, 40-60 years old. The grape varieties used are Folle Blanche, Plant de Graisse, Bacco, Ugni Blanc. The vines are managed using traditional, ecological methods, fewer sprays and no environmentally damaging chemicals.

Depending on the year, the harvest takes place between the end of September and mid-October. The grapes are pressed by exerting continuous horizontal pressure and the juice is poured into vats where fermentation takes place without chemical additives.






The vats lay undisturbed for between two and four months while the sediment settles and fermentation ends. To comply with the standards set to achieve the prized Appellation D’Origine Controllée (AOC) the distillation takes place in a special Armagnac continuous still.

Our distillation process is based on the traditional methods of Armagnac production. There are about nine months between the swelling of the first buds on the vine and the distillation of the Armagnac, the hallmark of a superior spirit!

For the first eight to twelve months the Armagnac is stored in new, 400 litre oak casks after which it is transferred to older casks with no tannin.





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