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Armagnac is the eau de vie, water of life, of the Gascony region, the homeland of D’Artagnan the famous hero of “The Three Musketeers”.

Armagnac, a wonderful eau de vie has been enjoyed by aristocracy from its very beginnings, including, from 1607, the monarchy.

The gentle hills of Ténarèze fade as you travel west into the little town of Montréal en Armagnac in the département of the Gers. Montréal is equidistant,130kms, from the Atlantic ocean and the Pyrénées, the mountain range which separates France from Spain. The climate is temperate and, with hot summers, is favourable for the cultivation of vines.

From east to west there are a rich variety of soil types, from chalky limestone to siliceous earth which, in turn, produce a wide variety of bouquets and flavours.



La Boubée


La Boubée, our domaine or estate, is situated in the heart of l’Armagnac Ténarèze.
The name comes from la boulbène, the combination of soil types that enables us to offer you the quintessential Armagnac.




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