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Savour the Flavour !


La Boubée Armagnac is enjoyed as a digestif or liqueur, served in a balloon glass.

The first pleasure is for the nose, take the glass by the stem and gently swirl the Armagnac around to release the delicious bouquet, violets and plums in the younger samples and prunes, vanilla and rose in the more mature vintages.


Alexandre Ladevèze wine connoisseur


Next, the mouth, a little sip gently slides across the tongue and moistens the palate.
Armagnac is full, rounded and flavoursome and, when the glass is empty but warmed by your hand, inhale the aroma and pause to enjoy the “fond de verre”, the bottom of the glass.






Gold and silver medals – Montréal, Eauze, Condom, Toulouse, Paris.






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